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River Cruises Asia

River Cruises Asia

River Cruises Asia

River Cruises Asia



River Cruises in ASIA


Whether visiting for the first time, or a local, River Cruises Asia allows visitors to view the country and all of its beauty from the comfort of a resort ship.  There are many locations travelers can choose when visiting Asia, and knowing the how to's of cruising can make a great trip even better.


When selecting a cruise, you have to consider not only where the boat sails, but maybe more importantly where it debarks from.  This is the location where you get on the boat, so it needs to be convenient to your travel plans.

The destination is the most important part of the trip for many travelers. If this is the part of the cruise you are looking forward to, research your options for companies sailing to your desired location.  Asia offers many different beautiful and historical locations.

The amenities on the ship can vary between companies.  If you are an experienced cruiser, you already know what to look for.  If you are new to cruising, you want to find a boat that is new (or recently remodeled), with comfortable rooms.  Find out what dining is included in the travel price, as well as how long you will be in the ports of call.  You also want to find out what types of excursions are offered through the ship.

Prices vary considerably, depending on the company, the length of the cruise and the season.  You can adjust your cruise dates or length of cruise to meet all of your desires while staying within budget.  If your ideal cruise breaks the bank, keep shopping.  There are many wonderful River Cruises Asia experiences that you can enjoy.

DESTINATIONS River Cruises Asia

River Cruises Asia allows visitors to get away to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Once you have sailed, you will want to go back and experience it all over again.

River Cruises Asia: MEKONG

The Mekong is one of the world's primary rivers.  It runs all the way from the Tibetan Plateau, into the Yunnan province, into Burma and Thailand, and through Cambodia and Vietnam.  The contrasts found on this river have no rivals, as visitors sail past the busy delta in Vietnam, and through the isolated tranquility found in Cambodia.

The Mekong is the twelfth longest river in the world, with a length running 2,700 miles.  It offers a wide range of biodiversity, with over 1200 species of fish.

Taking one of the river cruises Asia allows travelers to experience the wide range of cultural and biodiversity found throughout the trail of this river, without having to take antiquated travel.  Many of the regions found on the sail routes are otherwise isolated to visitors, making it a hidden treasure for visitors.

River Cruises Asia: IRRAWADDY

River cruises Asia through Irrawaddy offers travelers a tour of a river that runs through former Burma (now Myanmar) for 2000km.  Along the route, the country is full of history of kings and wars that have been fought along the river banks.

One of the most spectacular elements of the Irrawaddy River is the very rare and now endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins.  These dolphins have been known for helping the fishermen to round schools of fish into the nets.  Perhaps visitors might catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures.

Along the banks of the river, visitors will pass ancient temples.  These were built in the 12th century for Buddhism.  Sale, a town on the route, boasts of multiple monasteries.  These building have hand carved work designed over a hundred years ago.  Sailing on the Irrawaddy offers the opportunity to see some of the oldest Buddhist temples and pagodas in existence.

River Cruises Asia: GANGES

This river is considered a holy river to the Hindu religion.  It is believed that is was brought down to earth from the heavens, to "wash" the sins of humans.  Many Hindu families keep a vial of water from the river in their homes.  It is believed to cleanse past sins and offer healing properties.

A full cruise down this river runs about 800 miles, taking 15 days.  It is relatively new to river cruises Asia, with many of the amenities still authentic Indian culture.

This river offers multiple cultural experiences as the boats stop in the small towns.  While in port, there are opportunities to explore colonial wonders in Calcutta, Sacred Buddhist points of interest, and the center of Hindu.  Visitors can purchase handicrafts from local vendors.

Sailing on the Ganges River offers visitors an opportunity to see India like no other.  It provides a full cultural and religious experience as visitors sail on one of the most revered (even worshipped) rivers in the world.  Known as the "Mother of Rivers", this cruise is definitely one that offers a full adventure.  It is the most encompassing way to visit India.

River Cruises Asia: YANGTZE

River cruises Asia should also include a trip in one's lifetime down the Yangtze River.  This allows tourists the opportunity to visit more than the main cities.  A river cruise on the Yangtze River, which is the 3rd longest river in the world, allows tourist to see a wide sample of China.  The river is almost 4,000 long.  While you can choose to take a cruise of the whole river, many decide to go on a shorter cruise and visiting the ports of call.


While on board, you will be able to view many beautiful sits.  You need to be on the lookout for the Pandas, as well as many other natural wonders along the banks.  Other infamous sites, such as the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, are one of the most amazing places you can imagine.

There are natural wonders and man-made marvels that will make your River Cruise Asia in China a trip you will never forget.

There are elements of river cruises that make it an appealing trip for anyone.  It is a great getaway, honeymoon, or trip for those wanting to visit the world.  Why wait?  Get started on your first cruise today!


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